story by Richard Wall
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Richard Wall, MD

     Little did I realize when I went off to medical school that I would be starting a career as well as an adventure in life.  On the first day of classes the Dean described how the Iowa College of Medicine was going to mold us into physician scientists rather than simple technicians practicing “shot gun” medicine.  No one could have predicted the incredible path that took me from emergency medicine to unique situations that required both methods in the art of medicine. Seated in the venerable, steeply angled, medical amphitheater, we peered down…all full of ourselves…in our short white coats as the Dean pumped our ego’s telling us that we were the “cream of the crop,” a statement that wasn’t taken lightly in Iowa. 

     Even then, I sensed that I wouldn’t have a normal practice of medicine.  What I couldn’t have imagined was having so many extraordinary experiences that beg recounting.  Even I couldn’t have predicted such medical adventures as being unable to resuscitate the captain of a cruise ship and being accused by Russian cops to have killed him in cahoots’ with his young mistress, or saving the life of a crashed mountainbike racer in the wild descent off a mountain top in Saipan, or attempting to make a movie thriller based on my first novel, “Dr. Kamikaze,”  a blend of fiction with anecdotes of my adventures in emergency medicine, traveling around the globe, and bicycle racing.  My hope is that you may laugh and cry as I relate many more.