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Goin' To Nebraska

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 At age 12, a boy is full of questions.

Who is he?  Where did he come from?  Why is his mother's love given so freely, while he can't seem to earn his father's love and respect, no matter what he does?

Young Richard Larsen seeks the answers to those questions during a summertime trip to his family's farms in Nebraska.

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Last Hugs At The Exit Door

Last Hugs at the Exit Door book cover

~Odyssey HealthCare Stories

Medieval pilgrims traveled miles by foot to holy sites stopping to rest at hospitum - guest houses - to regain strength to complete their journeys

The word hospice comes from this term: not grim places to die but a protected time and heart space

to gather one's courage and prepare to greet one's final destination in the loving arms of fellow travelers

and arrive in peace and safety at the Sacred

Last Hugs at the Exit Door is currently out of print. Richard's stories from this book my be viewed on the website, and they will be included in an edited manner in Adventures of Medicine.

coming soon

"Adventures in Medicine"

Share my adventures in life, sport, and medicine interspersed with training tips directed to the older athlete from an accusation of being the physician accomplice in the suspected murder of a cruise ship captain by the Russian Police to resuscitating a crashed XTERRA Triathlete in Saipan. Read these stories and other excerpts from my upcoming book scheduled for completion within the year by clicking on the links below:

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