Goin' To Nebraska

“Dr. Richard Wall’s Going to Nebraska presents a time and culture of values and dreams that speaks to the heart of every age, culture and dreamer. It’s an easy yet engrossing read from a writer willing to reveal the dynamics of growing up in the small corners of America with an internal fire for the achievement of great things.”  

Rebekah Shardy, author of 98 Things a Woman Should Do in Her Lifetime

"The novel made me feel warm inside thinking of our youth with memories of family gatherings, dreams, escapades.  I recommend this for a gread read."

Margaret Miller, video store owner, Torrington, WY

"A story that took me to my own childhood. It's a journey that is heartwarming as it describes Richard's train ride through new territory to adventures with family and new friends from big city to small town. Inspiring as well as nostalgic. I had to read it slowly to as it brought back so many memories."

John Howe, BA, MPS

"Wall provides a sweet longing, a nostalgia, a yearning for days gone by when the pace was slower and the future seemed so far away. The book provides comfort in knowing that despite the woes of growing up, we still turned out just fine!"

Martha Schaap, RW, BSN

"An intriguing story of a young man's journey back to his roots. He finds cause for joy and cause for sadness, and has some growth spurts along the way."

Dorothy Twellman, MD

"A well written story that made me wonder what was fiction and what was fact. Regardless, I loved the characters, especially the strong woman who helped shape a young man's life."

Diane Aluies, ANPC

"Rich's writing and verbal pictures give me a renewed sense of "growing up". His stories about an era created the structure I see as beautiful. I enjoyed this book and his ideas are something I greatly appreciate."

Tim Watson

Last Hugs at the Exit Door

"Great educational book about hospice.  Loved the stories.  Everyone should read about the excellent care their dying loved ones can receive.  Hospice is a family of caring nurses, doctors, volunteers, social workers, chaplains who help the terminally ill move on in life's journey to death."

Margaret Miller, video store owner, Torrington, WY

"Informative for those curious about hospice, and a very pleasant reminder for those who have 'been there'."

Dorothy Twellman, MD

"Hospice isn't all doom and gloom as this book readily demonstrates. There can be much wisdom, peace and joy in the interchange between the hospice caregivers, the hospice patient and the family."

Diane Aluies, ANPC

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